The Hardroc Stone Difference

  Threaded Stainless Steel Rods
Rods eliminate cracking in front of sinks, cooktops and long splash areas. Hardroc includes these at no additional charge.

Hard Templates
Templating a job instead of a free hand measure ensures the job will install with little to no cutting. This allows Hardroc to compensate for variations in walls and provide consistent overhangs for a higher quality fit and finish.

Types of Materials
We fabricate the following materials and more:  Glass, Granite, Limestone, Marble, Porcelain, Quartz, Quartzite, Slate, Soapstone, Travertine and new to the market – Semi-Precious Stones.

Hand Selecting the Materials
Hardroc may take the client to see stone selections offered by several suppliers. Material must be very carefully examined. The client wants color and variation. Hardroc looks at structure and the ease of color matching in areas where seams will occur. This is most important when viewing material with patterns and heavy veining.

Breakfast Bars and Overhangs
Self-supporting overhangs may not be more than 12", anything over 12" needs support. When required, Hardroc will place the supports and back gauge the stone so the supports will be unseen. Properly supported material ensures a safe installation.

Additional Services
Hardroc offers services hard to find in the natural stone industry. We hone slabs and tiles. We can cut drain boards into the top of the stone countertop next to a sink. We work with a technology company to under light many precious stone and onyx slabs to magnificent effect.

Hardroc has remnants which are the remains from previous jobs. Remnants may be used for vanities and other areas where a partial slab rather than a full slab is preferable. Remnants are free to Hardroc clients with a charge for labor and fabrication only. Please call to schedule an appointment to view remnants Hardroc has in stock.

Sealing and Maintenance
Hardroc offers maintenance contracts on all projects. Hardroc seals all fabricated stone with the sealer specified for that stone. Sealer protects the stone and ensures preservation of value. Hardroc provides a cleaner with all jobs. The cleaner will not damage the sealer.

Hardroc recognizes the need for the restoration of natural stone. We provide cleaning and sealing for all stone products including countertops and flooring.

Hardroc provides a Life-Time Warranty on fabrication and installation.